About Me (Skip Adams)


I’m a songwriter, musician and music publisher who was born in Kentucky and raised in Ohio, Washington D.C., Florida and New York. I’ve lived the last 30 years of my life in Los Angeles, California, and am now living with my wife, Terri…


…and our dog, Hailey…


…on 5 acres of horse property near Nashville, Tennesssee.

My company is Global Graffiti Music ( http://globalgraffiti.com )

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11 Responses to “About Me (Skip Adams)”

  1. David Kleinberg-Levin says:

    Just began to explore here. I’m so glad to have this connection, to which I’ll be returning many times, for story and song!

  2. Rob Fick says:

    Hey Skip just had a blast going down memory lane with Timmy and the early stuff and loved catching up with you musically! Be blessed in all you do old friend!!!

  3. oded says:

    my my my goodness. the name dropping is enough to keep the reader, but the anecdotes and the MUSIC do fine to cover all the rest!
    lovely lovely. you done good, heck you’re DOING good. keep it all up, man!!!!!

  4. Phil Bullen says:

    VERY interesting read. I can’t make the links work to listen to the demos…Help!

  5. Kathy Hoyle says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have really enjoyed reading your story – and listening to your songs.

    Do you have any children?!

  6. Bobby Hemming says:

    Love Nashville,Love to play music, And most of all love you and enjoy your music. Love you cuz hang on Nashville!

  7. James Adams says:

    Wow…cool site popz! Sometimes I forget that you had a whole life of experiences to write songs about aside from being my Dad. Can’t wait to see more.

  8. John Nagy says:

    Will comment later.