February 20th, 2012

I’d never been involved with musical theater before, so when L.A. playwright, Dale Griffiths Stamos, came to me to produce the music for her latest play, “Blue Jay Singing in the Dead of Night,” I jumped at it. The play is the story of a once powerful DJ (BlueJay) whose star, along with his confidence, is fading. Adding insult to injury, his relationship with his younger, songwriter girlfriend, Laura, is also heading for the rocks as she becomes enamored with her new co-writer, Steve.

Dale had written the songs that the characters Laura and Steve would “write” during the course of the play, and although I was originally brought in only to produce and record them, she and I agreed that some improvements would be helpful, and so I took on music and lyric writing chores as well. The recordings below are the result.

FYI, the basic tracks and vocals were recorded in various studios in Los Angeles and Nashville. The overdubs and mix were done by me here in my little Pro Tools studio a few miles outside of Nashville. Last, but not least, the lead vocal on all six songs was sung by the wonderful Kelly Rudisill of the group, Karmina.

The first song, “Radio Man,” pays tribute to BlueJay and all the Classic Rock radio DJs of the 70’s.



“Harmony” is a duet between Laura and Steve (My son, James Adams, sings the male part). I could definitely hear this song in a Disney animated feature. I mean, can’t you hear Woody singing this with Barbie in Toy Story 4? :) Cha ching!



Laura is faithful to BlueJay in spite of himself, and she lets Steve know it in this song.



In “Fly Away,” Laura tries to comfort the ailing BlueJay, but to no avail.



In “Plays With Matches,” a Sade vibe is the backdrop for a cautionary tale about wandering too close to the fire. In this case, her co-writer, Steve.



“Heart’s Desire” is a song about losing, being lost, and the desire to find one’s way back.