February 25th, 2010

This chapter proves that a great sounding demo isn’t everything. “Love Bomb” is a solid, fun R&B song, and it did a whole lot for me as a songwriter, but its demo has got to be one of the worst sounding ever made!

It was recorded in 1983 on the old-school TEAC Portastudio (an inexpensive 4 track cassette recorder) using a Roland TR-808 for the drums (later made extremely popular in the rap genre), and a Scholz Rockman for the guitar sound. All of which was “state-of-the-art” home-demo at the time.

As if those ingredients didn’t make it cheesy enough, the “bomb” sound you’ll hear in choruses was made by my co-writer, Lenny Macaluso, blowing into the microphone!

However, none of that stopped the song from winning first place in THE important national songwriting competition of the time (NAS/LASS), which got us on the radar of several big publishers, record companies and producers around Hollywood, which helped to open the doors that eventually led to the Sam Harris cut at Motown – and more.

Details: Lenny played bass, rhythm guitar and sang the BG vocals. I did the rest.


Words & Music by Lenny Macaluso and Skip Adams

I’m not the kind to go crazy
Over everything in sight baby
Honey, whatever you’ve got
It makes me lose my mind

I tried to use my early warning
But it didn’t work with you
You snuck right in a lit the fuse to my heart
There was nothing I do

You hit me with a
You blew my world apart
You hit me with a
I feel your love exploding
In my heart

You caught me when I was defenseless
One look at you and it was over baby
Your loving really knocked me senseless
Cause what you’ve got is TNT

Oh baby blast me with your kisses
Every day and every night
What you do is so delicious to me
I’ve got to have your dynamite

(Chorus 2x)
(Chorus, out)


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2 Responses to “chp 28: Love Bomb!”

  1. Larry Sizemore says:

    This song will be stuck in my head for months now. I like the low tech bomb sound! I remember pulling the spring reverb out of an old blown amp. I rigged it to set on top of my new amp head and would hit it with my fist to get a great bomb sound—till the spring broke anyway. Thanks for sharing…still have this one on a cassette demo.