January 10th, 2010

Misha Segal (see chapter 19) and I were plunking around in his studio one day and stumbled across the groove, concept and melody for this cool little song. Before the day was out, I’d come up with a solid lyric for the chorus (Misha only wrote music) and a sketch of the verse lyrics.

We continued to refine the changes and arrangement for the song over the next couple few days, but I was struggling with lyrics, so we called up Harriet Schock for some help.

Now, Harriet is a Grammy nominated songwriter for a reason; that girl can write lyrical circles around just about anybody! She came over to my studio one afternoon, and we had a finished “Calling All Girls” lyric before rush hour got started (So Harriet had a stress free drive back to Hollywood from the Valley :).

The next day I went to work on the demo, and pretty much had all the tracks cut before we’d even thought about a singer – which was a bad idea. Normally you’d want to know who’s going to sing the song first so the key will work for them. Considering the melody, the key I’d cut it in was only good for a high tenor.

About the only one we knew who could sing the bejeezus out of it in that key was a guy named Mike Terry – who sounded very much like Michael Jackson. So “Calling All Girls” wound up sounding like a Michael Jackson song – which you’ll no doubt notice.

Michael Jackson didn’t cut the song, but we did manage to get it placed it in a Peter O’Toole movie that made me a hundredaire, and continues to bring in the pennies to this day. In any case, it’s a good, fun song that I’m proud to include in my personal body or work.

Details: Mike sang all lead and BG vocals, and I did everything else – including the sax, which was a sample.


By: Harriet Schock, Misha Segal and Skip Adams

Lookin’ for a lover
Lookin’ all night
I’m in need of another
Who’ll treat me right
Gonna find somebody
To take my mind off her

I’m in need of a teacher
Who won’t play rough
A delicate creature
Who knows her stuff
Gotta fill this empty space
Since she’s been gone
I’m lookin’ for a heart
To help me carry on

Calling all girls
All around the world
Help me to forget about her
Got to be a girl
Somewhere in the world
To show me how to live without her
Calling all girls

Gonna do it better
The second time out
Get myself together
I have no doubt
Gonna get amnesia
Where she and I are concerned
The lady of leisure
Will find her bridges burned



Calling all girls
I really need some help
I can’t get over her myself
Calling all girls


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2 Responses to “chp 21: Calling All Girls!”

  1. James Adams says:

    Awesome! This song made me get up and do an involuntary snap dance. I love the contrast between the almost atonal verse and the surging, eerie chorus chords.