December 22nd, 2009

This is the fifth and final song from the WGTB radio show (see chapter 11 for the set up). I penned this song around 1971, which makes it one of the very first complete songs I ever wrote. I think I’d just watched Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, or some other depressing vision of the future, and had to offer my own.

Trivia: Those flying fingers on the piano intro, as well as that crazy, fuzzed our Farfisa solo in the interlude, belong to the amazing Carl Byron. FYI, Carl was only 19 years old at the time of this recording.

Next Chapter: Back to the future!


Words & Music by Skip Adams

Take a look at the hurry-hurry city
Black ties with matching minds
Polyethylene Megalopolis
Metal monsters whizzing by

Memory banks pay interest by the day
A very handy people’s toy
A circuit overload and all the world stands still
When things go well it’s such a joy

Leaving work from a very tiring four hour day
Must reach the store before it closes
It’s his twenty second anniversary day
Got to buy some plastic roses

They’ll have a quiet celebration by the fire
And talk of days that have flown by
Gaze on photographs of family and neighbors
And fight on til they have to die

(Musical interlude)

The engineers are down to fifteen moving parts
Another breakthrough any day
Whatever happened to the dirty fingernail?
Automation’s here to stay

I often find a madman searching for a blade of grass
Among the concrete and the steel
Screaming crowds with rusty hammers
Looking for a nail to pound
I guess to them it isn’t real


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