December 21st, 2009

This is the fourth song from the Take One radio show (see chapter 11 for the set up). I wrote this originally as a poem while killing time in a strip club in Alexandria Virginia, and only later turned it into a song when I formed JonSam. Strange cool.

Trivia: The sax player, Bill Haney, was only about 20 years old at the time, but he was a monster out of North Texas State. He also wore hearing aids in both ears!


Words & Music by Skip Adams

The lady struts, she swirls
Like smoke poured down through spotlight glare
Pushing swollen hips
Pouting, sucking lips she sees
The honkeys google-eyed

Latin throb
Her shoulders bob on oily joints
In their ringside seats
Men are pumping unseen treats
Being careful not to give away
Their erotic counterpoint

Au Go-Go
How you thrilled the boys
With your sexy toys
Left your love back in the dressing room
And now we find she’s only human


Pagan goddess
Muse of dance
Find the rhythm to your heart
Your eyes so bloodshot red
Someday they’ll find you dead
Twisted body I could kill for
Could kill you silly tart


She dips, she turns
Limbs like cobras wave through smoky atmosphere
Enjoying the scam
Forgetting who I am
Must be those thighs I idolize
Still she knows no one there


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One Response to “chp 14: Au Go Go”

  1. Larry Sizemore says:

    Now here’s an “art tune”…cool imagery.