December 17th, 2009

Yo! Here’s song #3 from the radio show (See chapter 11 for the set up). FYI, this song was inspired by the movie “Taxi Driver”.


Words & Music by Skip Adams

Timmy read the news page today
Looking for some clever things to say
An anecdote or two
Something cutting, something new
Anything for glory was OK

All his friends thought Tim was very bright
Reading paper novels through the night
Thomas Mann and Hesse
Willie James and all the rest
Losing touch with real to see the light

Now he’d gone and done it
Made a mess and tried to run it
Caused an awful scene
And now he’d like to rest
All the novel types and heroes
Those Napoleon’s and Nero’s
Took a gamble
A preamble
To his death

Still he played his silly boyhood games
Bought a gun, and then changed his name
Migraine headaches and the anger
Never warned him of the danger
Still he knew he’d never be the same

Writing up a letter to his kin
He said, “Love you Dad, but won’t be back again”
Well I just turned twenty two
And I won’t turn out like you
It’s my destiny, it’s time I should begin


Through the door and out on to the street
Nihilistic, staring at his feet
Bathed in neon city glare
He was bound to find it there
On sidewalk, in the filth, the girls in heat

Some sleezy greaser offered up a pill
Lost his sense and shot him for a thrill
Realized what he had done
Put his head up to his gun
Blew his brains out, not the pains out
All is still



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One Response to “chp 13: Timmy”

  1. Larry Sizemore says:

    Some heavy thoughts here ☻! Nice post Ziggy Bowie vibe though–with a dash of Steely Dan.