December 13th, 2009

Hopping into the way-back machine once again, this and the next four songs are from a 1977 live radio program called “The Take One Show” on WGTB radio, Washington D.C. It’s also the only recording of my very first original band, JonSam.

JonSam was sort of a concept band that lyrically explored some pretty dark and irreverent territory, and musically was quite progressive, and even funky and jazzy at times. (FYI, “JonSam” comes from my first and middle names reversed)

One caveat: I was just 25 years old at the time, and while this wasn’t my first band, it was my first attempt at singing lead and fronting a group of any kind, so forgive my musical naïveté. This blog just wouldn’t be an honest one if I didn’t stick my neck out and include these little time capsules.

Details: Carl Byron on keyboards, Joshua Howard on bass and BG vocals, Bill Haney on Sax and flute, Rick Sciascia (pronounced Shaw-shaw) on drums, and me on guitar and lead vocals. The vintage Strat I played was sadly stolen in 1979, and the ’68′ Marshall plexi (100 watts) was sold many years ago (tears). The only effect I used on this recording was a talkbox. Way cool!


There he stands the man who don’t quite
Look the way he did before
He was drinking table wine with his friends and doing fine
Now he’s crawling right along with the poor

I said, “Hey buddy, can I give you a hand
That’s a mighty big cross to bear”
He tipped his thorn crown and set his burden down
And said, “No I’ve got to carry it there.”

I’ve got to carry that old cross
To the top of the hill
My daddy wants me to
And if I don’t, no one else will

I couldn’t help but wonder just a little
What all of this could mean
What kind of old man would put his son in the can
And throw away the key?
The old bastard ought to be crucified
For letting this happen to his kin
He said, “No you fool, I’m trying to prove a point
I guess I’ve got to tell you again

Holy roller and heathen freaks
Crowd the doors and line the streets
Some throw dice
And other pray
It’s a carnival in carnal-ville
Just a piece of crucifiction day

The crowd closed in like a preacher on sin
As they followed him up the hill
From my hiding place I could see his face
And what I saw gave me a chill

Guys like him, they come and go
Glad it was him and not me
And the crowd began to wail
With every driven nail
In perfect harmony



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3 Responses to “chp 11: Just a Piece of Crucifiction Day”

  1. Larry Sizemore says:

    Love the bass player—I wanna do funk!

  2. James Adams says:

    Sweet! Nice talkie solo, too!
    This is a really cool song, and you sound great singing it too.

    I think it should say V3 at the end there, no?