November 24th, 2009

Nothing burns so bright in the beginning as a love that ends in flames, and flames it is for poets and dreamers and the women who love them. “The End of Me” is the story of one such dreamer, who, at the end of his line of credit, watches helplessly as the inevitable happens and his heart is repossessed — again. (Did I just mix metaphors?!)

Details: This song is a sad one, so I thought it would be good to have some fun and take a look at how it evolved from an idea into the finished product. It started out as ballad in January of 2009 when my co-writer, Gene Reynolds (Hey Gene!), sent this version to me via email…

I complained that ballads are hard to pitch and that we should make it an up-tempo, like this…

Gene agreed, but had a different approach, which he sent me on the 21st…

A short time later we gave up since we didn’t really like anything we’d come up with to that point, and so we let sit on the shelf. Then, in March, one of us had a bright idea, and so we picked it up again took it back to being a ballad. Like ths…

We went back and forth for a couple more weeks with lots of big and little variations in both the lyrics and music, and then it all fell into place. This version below was the result. And so this is the “guide track”; the final home-demo version that’s used to show the musicians, singers and studio engineer what to do during the final recording…

And this is the final version, sung by Mike Lusk, that I’ve been pitching to label artists since April…


Words & Music by: Gene Reynolds and Skip Adams

I know it by the way
She’s standing in the door
It’s right there in her pretty eyes
Oh I’ve seen that look before
She don’t want to say the words
But any fool could see
She’s at the end of me

At the end of I’m trying
Broken promises and fightin
Through with what I’m gonna do
One of these days
At the end of pretending
That there’ll be a happy ending
On the edge of being free
She’s at the end of me

Oh I know the best thing
That I could do for her
Is say spread your wings and fly away
To the life that you deserve
Well stubborn hearts are slow to learn
And mine just can’t believe
She’s at the end of me


I’d tell her I’ll do better
But she knows that I won’t
There’s nothing I could say
Would make a difference, so I don’t
Cause she’s heard all my stories
And she knows my song and dance
Still I keep on prayin’
For one more second chance



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2 Responses to “chp 6: The End Of Me”

  1. Jim Page says:

    Well, Skip–

    SInce we were in high school, I knew that you were musically gifted. This blog underlines and confirms that.

    Fascinating watching the songs evolve and learning what prompted them.

    All my best and I will be keeping my eagle eye on you through this blog! Hope to see and jam with you in April. If we do, just as in the 1960s, BE FORGIVING of Ol’ Jim!!!

    –Jim Page